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Xalaga represent

Its the HoX baby

B of Xalaga
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  • b_of_xalaga@livejournal.com

All as one, the House of Xalaga.

...crashing through the sky
...comes the fearful cry of... Cobra... COBRA!
...Cobra COBRA!
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This is my geek (books, cartoons, comics, games, movies, and video-games) journal.
Cyber Punk, Dragon Ball, G.I. Joe,
H.P. Lovecraft, Halo 2, Harry Potter,
KotoR 1 & 2, the Lord of the Rings, the Pirates of dark Water,
Risk (the world conquest game), Spider-Man, Star Trek TNG,
Star Wars, The Sword of Truth series, Thunder Cats,
Transformers, the Vlad Taltos series, X-Men.

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I love the conflict in "our" collective geeky minds about which versions are better;
the "book" or the "movie"
the "comic" or the "cartoon"

I love villains, they intrigue me to no end.
Without a great villain you cannot have a Hero.

My poetic stance and philosophy journal is:
When words are given to a poet do you expect anything less than poetry?

I co-manage this the_sith
community w/ darth_minous
and w/ katydidnt98

The Bogan side of the Force: Detailed info on the Sith

Welcome to th Dark Side

Again it is the legend:
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Halo 2 - Halo 3
Battlefield 2 - Battlefront 2
Conker Live & Reloaded
X-Men Legends 2 Rise of Apocalypse
You should stop playing with yourself!

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Halo worlds:
are used as vacation destinations
where my friends and I come from.
Where hunting Covenant brutes is like
a weekend fishing trip for teenagers.

I co-manage this house_of_xalaga community
as a home base for our
Xbox Live Clan:
Known as - "House of Xalaga"
Our clan is mainly for
Halo 2,
and 3
though we also play:
Battlefield 2, Battlefront 2
X-Men Legends 2 Rise of Apocalypse

I co-manage this w/

Expanding the HoX Empire

action figures, age of apocalypse, agiels, aladdin, aliens quadrilogy, apocalypse, arashikage clan, azrael, b of xalaga, b.o.x., bal, be sirius, being evil, blive, bloth, bominous, both amon, chess, cletus cassidy, cobra commander, cobra island, cobra la, coffee, cowboy-feng's-space-bar-and-grille, crimson guards, cthulhu, cyber punk, cyclonus, daffy duck, dalamar, dantius cos dashit palpatine, dark lords, darklon, darth fobius, darth maggous, darth minous, darth sidious, darth traya, death eaters, decepticons, destro, dr. doom, dr. mindbender, draco malfoy, dune, en sabah nur, evil, evil mages, expanding the hox empire, extensive enterprises, fable 2, family guy, female villains, fistandantilus 2, fork of xalaga, fred 7, galvatron, global domination, golobulous, h.o.x., halo 3, holocaust son of apocalypse, homo sapiens superior, house of xalaga, illithids, ishinthieri, jagang the just, jinx, jonathan davis, kotor, lasombra, lord minous, lord xian, lord-of-the-rings-trilogy, mathematics, matrix trilogy, mighty max, minous the necromancer, mord-sith, mr. sinister, mumm-ra the ever living, natural selection, neo sapiens, nine-rings-of-the-wu-tang, ninjia, nth man, oblivion, omin bal, ominous, orange force, orange lightsabers, pebble in the pond, phaeton, pug life, pythona, ra's al ghul, raistlin, revenge of the jedi, revenge of the sith, risk the-world-conquest-game, second in command, serpentor, shockwave, sisters of the dark, sith lords, skeletor, soundwave and crew, star trek tng, star wars sextolet, starscream, steven brust, stewie, storm shadow, survival of the fittest, terrordrome, tes, tes darth malak, the balor, the black hand, the bloody dreadnoks, the book-v.s-the movie, the cartoon-v.s-the comic, the cobra insignia, the coil, the dark mark, the dark powers, the dreamwalker, the fred series, the hands of palpatine, the hox empire, the left hand, the one ring, the t-virus, the white hand, the-lady-of-dzur-mountain, torturing apprentices, typhonus, vegeta, vejiita, vlad taltos, world domination, wwe, x(z)alaga, xalaga.com, yoda, zartan, zombies