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Its official

I now believe in Jesus, I just thought all my friends should know. Its been a long internal battle with me believing in, an all powerful deity like figure. One who is the beginning and the ending, I now understand how he is the first and shall surely be the last.

I know now why Homosexuality is thought to be wrong. I get why it needs to be that way in the eyes of my lord. I have come to grips with why we must pay tithings. Its now all making sense to me.

Jesus was born into this world as the Christ, the Messiah, the one true King of kings. I get why Easter is about bunnies and eggs.

We need not have false idols in these "End of Days". I bare witness to the glory and the power of Jesus.

Its all because he rose from the dead. Its because he died for our living sins. Its because when he arose a new he became a zombie, the first true not living, the beging of the reign of the undead. Its no wounder we eat of his flesh and drink of his blood in church. I see that its not sex with another man nor woman that is the same as you being the problem. Its having sex with other zombies period. We need to pay the church to help hide the fact that Jesus is a zombie from the rest of the world!

Baby Jesus fetus, as a zombie coming to feed on us:

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